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Sixth Form Tutor

All sixth form students will be placed into a form group and provided with a form tutor. The form tutor is there to guide and help students, ensuring that they fulfil their academic potential whilst enjoying their sixth form experience.

A Tutor will be:

  • a source of encouragement 
  • a listener 
  • a source of advice and help 
  • critical but constructive voice
  • knowledgeable about their tutees
  • a reviewer of progress

A Tutor will:

  • Monitor student’s academic, social and personal development
  • Discuss student’s progress at regular intervals in reviews
  • Monitor student’s progress using VIMAs and Learning Capabilities
  • Be vigilant on procedures such as attendance, lateness and dress code
  • Help students to study more effectively and to assess abilities realistically and exploit them fully through a programme of tutorial guidance
  • Discuss and advise about career and higher education ambitions
  • Help guide students through the UCAS process, providing their written reference and monitoring their application/acceptance process
  • Encourage students to take advantage of all the opportunities, both academic and social, which are offered
  • Facilitate an open forum for students to discuss a range of tutorial topics
  • Support their group in tutor group led presentations
  • Follow up concerns from staff/ students

In-addition a Tutor will:

  • Develop cohesion in a new group through interaction 
  • Have an open door policy
  • Facilitate peer relationship development across groups and years