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Dress Code


A smart dress code is reflective of the serious, academic ethos of the Southern Consortium sixth form and the high expectations of students. It illustrates a professional approach to sixth form study and the commitment of the students to their chosen courses.

Adhering to a dress code provides a bridge for students between the restrictions of a school uniform and the wider freedoms afforded to them at University. It also prepares them for the world of work where they will be expected to ‘conform’ to the dress code that is appropriate to their chosen field.

Finally, a smart, professional sixth form dress code, common to all four schools within the Southern Consortium, ensures that the same expectations are made of all students, and demonstrates to the wider local community the commitment of our students to their current and future success.

Exceptions include recommended kit for certain courses



Not permitted


Smart ‘office’ clothing

Sportswear. Tracksuits. Denim


No outdoor clothing to be worn inside the building



Only religious headwear is permitted

Non religious headwear


Smart school shoes or completely black casual footwear

Coloured trainers or Converse. Uggs

Boys tops

Collared tops

Hoodies. Tops with offensive slogans

Girls tops

Tops that cover shoulders and midriff

As above. Spaghetti straps or belly tops

Boys leg wear


Jeans, jeggings or shorts

Girls leg wear

As above or skirt of a reasonable length

Jeans, leg/ jeggings or shorts

Girls general

Dresses of a reasonable length

Spaghetti straps