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Academic Mentor

The academic mentor is here to support students through their time at the Consortium academically and pastorally. This support will vary from student to student but includes:

  • Essay writing skills
  • Proof reading
  • Organisation skills
  • Supervised study sessions
  • Help with UCAS applications
  • Emotional support

Where appropriate students may have long term mentoring to assist their studies by addressing any barriers to learning. Students will work together with their mentor to develop an action plan and effective learning behaviours. This is to guarantee that students have all the resources and support needed to achieve their academic targets. 

Pastorally our academic mentors will provide a safe space for you to express your worries without judgement, helping you to find solutions, in turn they may refer you to other services if this is suitable. To ensure that students have a positive experience at the Consortium the mentors act as the link between students and teachers to ensure that there is effective communication leading to a constructive learning environment.