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Sydney Russell

Sydney Russell School 

The Sydney Russell School, as part of the Southern Consortium, is a school of academic excellence and outstanding achievement. We are a large comprehensive school based in the heart of the Barking and Dagenham community, with unique and exceptional facilities. We boast 32 computers in every classroom, a community cinema in our main hall and a private gym. We have outstanding teaching and learning and dedicated teachers that ensure all students progress through their educational journey and achieve their life goals. Sixth Form results confirm that we are a school of excellence and maintain a very high profile reputation in the borough. 

In the 16+ centre our facilities are unrivalled, we provide a modern and spacious common room which allows our students to communicate freely with their peers and members of the 16+ team, plus enjoy the odd chess tournament! We also have a private study area with a host of computers and reference books where focused silent revision and work can take place. We deliver a great enhancement programme where students can partake in the Duke of Edinburgh award, charitable enterprise and sporting events. Also we provide a highly effective aspirational programme, with links to Russell Group Universities. This ensures our students have access to the best learning environment and experiences that secure their progression into higher education or employment.