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Physical Education

Exam Board Specification: OCR

How the course is assessed

The qualification is split into four sections, three sections are theory based and one has a practical focus.

Component 1: Physiological Factors Affecting Performance – worth 30%

Component 2: Psychological Factors Affecting Performance – worth 20%

Component 3: Social Cultural Issues in Physical Activity and Sport – worth 20%

Component 4: Performance in Physical Activity – worth 30%

Description of course

The aims of this course are to develop skills and techniques required to perform effectively in physical activities. Students will apply these skills in different roles, such as the performer, leader/coach and official.

Physical Education students will develop their knowledge and understanding of factors that enable them and others to be physically active and will help to promote lifelong involvement in an active and healthy lifestyle. Knowledge and understanding of the relationship between skill, strategy/composition, body and mind will ensure that both their own and other’s performances are effective.

Throughout the course students will become informed and discerning decision-makers who understand how they can make the most of the opportunities and pathways available to be involved in physical activity. They will critically evaluate how contemporary products and consumer-focused influences related to physical activity affect and inform young people’s decisions about being involved in sport. Current key influences that might limit or encourage young people’s involvement in physical activity will also be evaluated.

Higher education, future careers and progression routes

Higher education in sport science, physical education, biology, human biology, physics, psychology, nutrition, sociology, physiotherapy, medicine. The specification also provides an excellent foundation for candidates intending to pursue careers in coaching, sports development, the leisure industry, recreational management, health, leisure and fitness and professional sport.

2016 Examination success rates:

100% pass rate

40% A*- B grades

60% A* - C grades

Entry Criteria:

Students must meet the Consortium minimum entry criteria for A Level courses, that is, a GCSE grade 4 or higher in English Language, grade 4 or higher in Maths (point score of 46 or higher).

To study A Level PE, students are also required to have a GCSE grade B in Biology, 55 combined Science.

In-addition all students are expected to regularly participate in competitive sport and training in order to develop their practical skills.

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