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Drama and Theatre

Exam Board Specification: Edexcel

How the course is assessed

40% Internally assessed and externally moderated; 20% Performance assessed by a visiting examiner; 40% written examination

Description of course

Inspires creativity and confidence

This A level Drama and Theatre qualification encourages creativity, there is a focus on practical work and students will develop skills that will support progression to further study of drama and a wide range of other subjects.

A practical focus is at the heart

Our Set Texts will require students to articulate how they would perform in certain roles, and design for certain scenes, putting practical work at the heart of all components.

Engaging Set Texts

Our carefully selected Set texts will inspire students and avoid the most popular performance texts. We get to work together to choose performance texts that best suit you and your abilities.

Clear and straightforward assessments

Question papers will be accessible for students and the mark schemes will make the required standard clear.

Incorporates 21st-century theatre practice

Students will have the opportunity to explore practitioners and performance texts from this century.

Higher education, future careers and progression routes

Supports progression and develops transferable skills

Students will develop a multitude of skills, including collaboration, communication and an understanding of how to amend and refine work in order to make a smooth transition to their next level of study or employment.

2017 Examination success rates:

Pass rate: 100%
A*-B grades: 67%
A*-C grades: 100%

Entry criteria:

Students must meet the Consortium minimum entry criteria for A Level courses, that is, a GCSE grade 4 or higher in English Language, grade 4 or higher in Maths (point score of 44.5 or higher).

To study A Level Drama & Theatre, students are also required to have a GCSE grade B or equivalent in an Drama & Theatre related subject or a grade 5 in English Language if no GCSE.

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