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Exam Board Specification: AQA

How the course is assessed:

100% externally assessed by the following examinations:

- Solo Performance linked to a specified Practitioner within an area of study

- Performance in a quartet

- Group Choreography

- Written exam: 2 hours 30 minutes on Knowledge, understanding and critical appreciation of two set works

Description of course:

A Level Dance is a creative, energetic, thought provoking and engaging course. A Level Dance requires students to develop, demonstrate and articulate practical and theoretical knowledge, understanding and experience of the following:

- Technical and Performance Skills

- The process and art of Choreography

- The interrelationship between the creative, presentation and viewing/apprecitation of dance works

- The development of dance placed within an artistic and cultural context

- Professional dancer works and the significance of these works

Those who complete this course will have an informed understanding of a range of dance styles practically and theoretically. They will be able to perform with a high level of technique and confidence. Students will be creative and confident choreographers who are able to take inspiration from a variety of sources.

Expectations of A Level Dance:

- Read around the subject in your own time and prior to lessons

- Actively go to watch a range of live performances

- Complete written and reading homework each week

- Attend school trips to watch professional works

- Keep a healthy and active lifestyle

Higher education, future careers and progression routes:

Higher Education in Choreography and Performance, Dance Science, Professional Dance Training, Dance Journalism, Dance photography, Dance teaching and many more practical and theoretical qualifications in the performing arts.

Entry criteria:

- English Language - GCSE grade 4 or higher

- Mathematics - GCSE grade 4 or higher

- Preferably studied GCSE Dance grade 5 or grade 5 in English Language if no GCSE

Additional Information:

- Maintain an interest in a range of Dance styles, watching performances

- Have prior dance training