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What Oftsed Say

Dagenham Park Church of England School: 10th May 2016

“The sixth form is good. Students are well taught, follow courses tailored to their abilities, and receive good advice about the next stages of their education and employment.”

“16 -19 Programmes - The teaching is consistently good. Strong subject knowledge and effective questioning enable students to add to their knowledge and deepen their understanding. Teachers help students understand examination criteria thoroughly. Teachers provide useful responses from previous examination papers so that students understand the standard required. A Year 12 student commented: ‘Teachers take our learning very seriously.’ Students spoke highly of the support they receive from their learning mentors.”

“The school’s focus on Christian and British values means that pupils appreciate their diverse community in which pupils are heard and respected. Pupils new to the school are warmly welcomed and quickly integrated.”

“Sixth-form students act as good role models for younger pupils. They are polite, articulate, proud of their school and eager to do well.”

Jo Richardson Community School: 21st May 2013

“The sixth form is good. From their average starting points students achieve well and benefit from small group teaching.”

“Teaching in the sixth form is consistently good or better. Teachers have good subject knowledge and use a wide range of teaching methods to ensure that students develop independence and are able to learn by active experience. Whilst planning a presentation on ‘The Crisp Challenge’ in an economics lesson, one student stated, ‘Because the teacher has created a working environment where we all understand, enjoy and work straight to the point, we enjoyed, engaged and achieved well.”

“The curriculum is broad and balanced at all stages and is reviewed regularly to meet the needs of students. It takes good account of students’ aspirations and needs. Leaders have a strong vision for the sixth form. The choice of courses is continually being extended to offer a wider range of vocational subjects. Enrichment and extra-curricular activities are extensive and very well attended.”

Sydney Russell School: 14th May 2013

“The sixth form is good … Students taking work-related courses achieve extremely well. The progress of pupils taking academic courses is also good.”

"Students make outstanding progress irrespective of their starting points or background.” 

“Teachers have very high expectations of students, and the students live up to these expectations. In lessons they are fully engaged in their learning.” 

“Students from a wide range of backgrounds get on extremely well with each other. Relationships between staff and students are positive and respectful.”

“In the sixth form, the majority of teaching is good and themes are chosen which the pupils find interesting and relevant. For example, in a Year 13 French lesson, students made good progress in learning new vocabulary when they role played an event of political significance in 1980s France.”

All leaders and managers are highly ambitious for students. They make checks on students' progress very effectively, so that they can take immediate action if any students are at risk of falling behind.”

Eastbury Comprehensive School: January 2013

"Students in the sixth form make good progress."

"Courses offered are well matched to meet students needs and aspirations. New course have been introduced … to ensure that students are increasingly successful and all can progress to higher education and employment."

"Teachers use their good subject knowledge and information about students abilities to plan activities that engage and challenge all learners. Questioning is used to challenge students and deepen their learning."

Riverside School: June 2015

"This is a good school."

"High aspirations at Riverside School is an expectation for everybody. Leaders give careful attention to equality of opportunity. Students appreciate the good range of subjects and pathways tailored to meet their needs."

"Teachers make good use of information about students progress to track how well they are doing and to plan challenging activities in lessons. Teachers very effective questioning helps to gauge students knowledge and ensure they learn well."