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Dagenham Park

Name: Chantel Williams 

Level 3 courses: Sociology, Chemistry, Law and AS Government and Politics 

University: University of Kent Canterbury 

Course: Chemistry with a year in industry 

Career plans: I plan to work for the drug industry for some time, developing testing and manufacturing drugs and then, hopefully opening up my own cosmetic company.

Dagenham Park, as part of the Southern Consortium Sixth Form, welcomed me with open arms and helped me gain confidence in my academics. They helped me achieve my place at university. The heads of year and sixth form provided a fantastic support system and never failed to encourage me through the two years I was there. I’m proud to say I attended Dagenham Park sixth form. 

University has been a life changing experience, I have met so many people from different backgrounds. I have been able to talk to people that I may not have had a chance to if I didn’t go to university. I get to see the world from a whole new perspective. It has been challenging but nothing in life comes easy. I enjoy the challenge that this chemistry degree offers me. I have had the opportunity of talking to potential employers and networking with them on career days.  The social life has been amazing, so many memories and laughs I can look back on. University has taught me to come out of my comfort zone and take part in activities I wouldn’t normally do, and I must say I have no regrets at all.

Name: Elijah Adesany

Level 3 courses: Btec Applied Science

University: University of Greenwich

Course: Bsc Paramedic Science

Career plans: Senior Paramedic

I chose to stay at the Southern Consortium because I knew I would get the support I needed from the Head of Sixth Form and this was of huge value. Mentally, the help given by many teachers like Ms Smith and Ms Watkins gave me the drive to choose the right course at university. The sixth form team organised for me to have work experience, which I thank them for, this was in a hospital and I also did voluntary work in a care home to provide me with essential skills that would allow me to flourish in a health care setting as a health care professional. The skills learnt in hospital included the 6 Cs (competence, compassion, care, communication, courage and commitment). I had to attend to patients and prepare them for whatever tests they were appointed for. These experience were one of the key features that made me stand out in the university applications for my course.

So far, University has been a great experience, the course I study is very full on and is quite unique to other courses, I go lectures from 09:00-17:00 Monday- Friday. In terms of living, staying on campus is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve been in 6 weeks of placement, and it’s safe to say I’ve almost done it all (delivering a baby at home was the highlight of my placement, so far). I’ve accomplished all exams and coursework with the expectations required and look forward to second year when placement would be 12 weeks long.

Name: Gabriele Bernotaite

Level 3 courses: Biology, Chemistry, History, EPQ and AS English 

University: King’s College London

Course: Anatomy, developmental and human biology

Career plans: Medicine or research

The teachers at Dagenham Park as part of the Southern Consortium Sixth Form have always been very supportive and encouraged all students to aim to get into the best universities. They were very dedicated in ensuring that we met the requirements and the students are all prepared and informed before entering university due to the teachers’ hard work.  I was pleased to be able to study EPQ at Dagenham Park and found this was excellent preparation in the study skills needed to succeed once at university.  

University has been difficult and a significant jump from sixth form, but at the same time it has been incredibly rewarding.

Name: Sewa Bola-Keji

Level 3 courses: English Literature, Law, Sociology and AS Government and Politics 

University: Essex

Course: Law 

Career plans: Solicitor 

Dagenham Park, as part of the Southern Consortium Sixth Form, gave me the opportunity to prove myself and enabled me to enhance my academic performance. The teachers were very supportive and inspiring, they equipped me with the skills needed to enhance my abilities and soar academically, therefore qualifying me for University.

University has been an amazing experience, it has been an eye opener to life. Being exposed to different cultures and a new environment has been very beneficial and exciting. There are three things which you need in order to get the best out of your experience in University, I call these the ‘Super Es’ – Educate, Explore and Enjoy. The first thing is to educate yourself, make sure you’re always prepared and organised. Also push yourself to work hard and improve your skills. The second thing is to explore your options, talents and dreams. Dagenham Park helped me to to develop the ‘super E’s’ through great lessons and the opportunity to visit universities on the aspiration programme, I’m grateful for that preparation.  We are very fortunate to have a lot of opportunities out there, make sure you use them by attending summer schools, doing work experience and further research into your future. Also do not be afraid to try new things and improve your gifts/talents because they will make a way for you in the future. Furthermore, make your dreams reality, take little steps now to build your future. Lastly, enjoy! Try to take as much time for yourself, go out with friends, socialise and try new activities. You only get this opportunity once, enjoy it to the fullest.