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Abey Ileshi

I studied Art, English Literature, History and Geography at the Southern Consortium.

I felt more comfortable studying in the same place for an extra two years. I knew the people, and I had no doubt that I’d receive support from staff and friends. I will always miss Sixth Form; I really believe it was the best two years of my academic life (so far).

I learned to keep my mind open, and become more proactive in my life. I received an excellent amount of support from staff who helped me with applications, interviews and exam stress.

I am currently studying Geography (BA) at Queen Mary College. University of London.

Amanda Cheema

I studied A Level Maths, Economics and Business Studies.

I achieved a grade A in Economics, B in Business Studies and a C in Mathematics – which earned me a place with Ernst and Young on the School Leavers’ Scheme to start work with one of the best accountancy companies worldwide.

I will be undergoing professional training to eventually qualify as a Chartered Accountant.

I would have not been able to achieve the grades I did without the support of my amazing teachers.

The Southern Consortium is a challenging but brilliant experience and you will receive the utmost dedication from teachers to help you.

Ben Davis

I studied History, Geography and Business Studies into A2 and Maths at AS Level.

At the Consortium, the teachers have already taught you. This is priceless – they know you best, they have watched you develop and understand you. For me and my parents this was the key to why I chose the Southern Consortium Sixth Form.

Thanks to the A Level teachers’ effort and persistence with me I am now at Queen Mary College, University of London (a Russell Group University), studying Physical Geography.

I currently live at home whilst studying. University offers something very unique: it brings people from many different social backgrounds and cultures together; it allows you to grow as a person and make new friends from all corners of the world.

Chloe Shine

I completed the BTEC Sports Science course and A Level Dance. After two years of hard work and a dedication to each subject, I achieved D*D*D* for my Sports course and a C in Dance.

I am now going to The University of Brighton to study Physical Education for 3 years. I will then go on to do a PGCE for an extra year so I can become a teacher.

Over the two years I spent at the Southern Consortium I thoroughly enjoyed the Sixth Form, as it is a happy environment to be in and I knew there were teachers who I could ask for advice.

Southern Consortium is a good choice – welcoming, happy and a place where I enjoyed going to study.

Juhena Aktha

I studied A Level Maths, Further Maths and Economics and achieved grades A, C and C. I would say that my time in the Sixth Form has been one of the best school life experiences ever.

The Southern Consortium was my choice of place to study because I felt I would be content where I previously attended secondary school.

It seems I was right as I was more comfortable within my surroundings and with all the teachers that I worked with. You always knew that all your teachers worked hard to make sure you achieved your absolute best!

Currently I am studying Mathematics at Queen Mary College, University of London.

Susan Panchalingham

I studied Maths, Further Maths and Economics and achieved A* in Maths, A in Further Maths and a B in Economics.

My experience at the Southern Consortium has been amazing. Sixth Form was like one big family to me.

I chose the Southern Consortium Sixth Form because I went to school at Eastbury so I thought it would be easier if I stayed on.

I’m currently at Queen Mary College, University of London, studying Economics, Statistics and Maths.

Tahimna Yasmin

I got a B in English Literature, B in Art and Design & C in Psychology.

I had a great Sixth Form experience at The Southern Consortium. Students are friendly and you get along with everyone; it’s a community.

More than anything, the staff are so helpful and genuinely cared about every student – not only helping them with academic but non-academic things too! I felt like I was not a number but an individual who mattered.

One of the reasons why I chose the Southern Consortium was because of the variety of subjects available for me to study. I am currently in my first year at Brunel University studying English.