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So who came First (Give)?

On the 5th day of Christmas, our school gave us well-spoken students working hard for charities.
7 teams worked together to present and support local, national and international charities in a chance to win £1,000 for their chosen charity.

The first team, Refuge, spoke passionately about women’s rights and domestic violence. Their words were inspiring and emotionally moving. The girls put a lot of effort into putting the message across and told the story of how domestic violence can affect those near and dear to us.

The second group of the night represented Elhap which is a playground specially fitted for disabled children. Their presentation was inventive and captivated the audience especially with their interesting photos of the playground. Their inspiring stories won them a second place in the competition and £250 for their charity.

Thirdly there was a team supporting Youth League International who look after deprived children in the local Barking and Dagenham area. The group spoke proudly about their charity and served their charity justice.
The winning team who presented for Kidscape created emotive videos that involved individuals from the school making the audience able to connect with the social issue more. The head of the charity of themselves were there to give the team good moral support and cheered them on to victory.

One of the running up teams, Refuge for Children chose an international issue. Their presentation was about teenage pregnancy and disability in The Gambia. Their charity leader was also there providing support and was certainly over joyed with the fact that the group had won £250.

The sixth group, Campaign to Cure Loneliness, spoke about an issue that effects many elderly in our community. Their presentation brought awareness to an issue that many of us are oblivious to. They used videos created by the charity to strengthen their presentation.

Finally another local charity, The Sycamore Trust was represented by the last group. This charity helps local disabled people in the area live as much as a normal life as possible and makes it possible for them to deal with their disability. With the use of financial statistics, the audience were really able to see how much dedication was put into their work.
A massive congratulations for the winners and runners up and a huge well done to everybody else who took part.