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Killer Clown Craze

The “Killer Clowns” that have been sweeping the internet have now been spotted in Dagenham. A student from The Sydney Russell School claimed to have seen four ‘clowns’ hiding behind a car opposite the school. The rumour quickly spread and soon the whole school was trying to catch a glimpse of the ‘clowns’. The on-duty teachers managed to calm the situation, and all was fine again until Mr Hussain walked through the atrium with an art project that resembled a ‘killer clown’ mask and the school was once again in hysteria.

Many believe that the ‘clowns’ are trying to resemble Pennywise, an evil, murderous clown from the famous Stephen King novel-turned-film. Although in the movie the Clown is evil, the same cannot be said for the majority of the spotted ‘clowns’, they are, more often than not, just pranksters whom are looking for a quick and easy laugh. An eye-witness from the Sydney Russell incident told us that the ‘clowns’, “didn’t have any weapons. They were just standing there staring at the school.”

​The police have begun arresting anyone caught dressed as a clown, even on Halloween, so if you were planning on going out dressed as a clown I suggest you come up with a different costume idea, unless you want a trip to the police station.

The clowns may look terrifying, but, for the most part, they are harmless. However, please be aware that there have been numerous reports of ‘clowns’ in the local area carrying weapons and causing harm, so if you see one... RUN!

Written by Matthew Stacy
Edited by Libby Ranson