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Debating Matters: More Like De-bae-ting Matters - posted 5th Dec

Even though the night of the 5th of December was minus three degrees outside, inside was heated… from the debates. The Debating Matters competition, organised by Sydney Russell’s own Mr Sullivan, Dr Longson and Ms Botwe, was between Oaklands School, Newham Sixth Form College and, of course, The Sydney Russell Sixth Form.

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Killer Clown Craze - posted 19th Oct

The “Killer Clowns” that have been sweeping the internet have now been spotted in Dagenham. A student from The Sydney Russell School claimed to have seen four ‘clowns’ hiding behind a car opposite the school. The rumour quickly spread and soon the whole school was trying to catch a glimpse of the ‘clowns’. The on-duty teachers managed to calm the situation, and all was fine again until Mr Hussain walked through the atrium with an art project that resembled a ‘killer clown’ mask and the school was once again in hysteria.

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So who came First (Give)? - posted 11th Jul

On the 5th day of Christmas, our school gave us well-spoken students working hard for charities.
7 teams worked together to present and support local, national and international charities in a chance to win £1,000 for their chosen charity.

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KDM Football Tournament 2016/17 Fixtures - posted 11th Jul

Score Sheet

Round Robin Tournament –4 Team


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Year 11 Subject Consultation Evening - posted 8th Jul

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