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History of the Southern Consortium Sixth Form

The Southern Consortium Sixth Form is a successful sixth form Consortium made up of five schools: Dagenham Park Church of England School, Eastbury Community School, Jo Richardson Community School, Riverside School and Sydney Russell School.

The Consortium is a partnership between the five school sixth forms as if they were a single sixth form college in five different buildings. The sixth form students within the Consortium participate in a number of key events together, such as the Year 12 Induction trip to Blackland Farm, the Year 13 Induction trip to Stubbers and the end of year trip to Brighton. Students move daily between the Consortium school sites on the free bus service, forming friendships along the way and benefiting from expert teaching.

The Consortium subject teachers work closely together to ensure that students achieve and fulfil their potential no matter where within the Southern Consortium they study.

By working closely together across five excellent schools, teachers are able to share good practice and build on their expertise. It is for this reason that the Southern Consortium has become one of the strongest and most successful post 16 providers in its local area.

The Southern Consortium Sixth Form was formed in 2005 following a loose Consortium arrangement between Dagenham Priory and Sydney Russell School. The three founding members were Dagenham Park School (now Dagenham Park CofE School), Eastbury School (now Eastbury Community School) and Sydney Russell School. In 2007 Jo Richardson Community School joined, and more recently, Riverside School has joined.

As a Consortium we are able to offer a number of course choices both at A’ Level and Level 3 Vocational. With a large number of expert teachers in each subject, we are able to deliver courses at a very high standard ensuring student success. There is a well- developed programme of additional activities and events to enhance student learning. We ensure that students leave the Consortium equipped to succeed in higher education, employment and as adult members of our society. Students have access to a wide range of resources at all sites, with specialist sixth form facilities. As a consequence of the Consortium arrangement funding can be used efficiently ensuring that finances do not limit what we are able to offer our students.

In addition to the hardworking and committed subject teachers, a large part of the Southern Consortiums success is the strong leadership and management provide by the Consortium Leadership team. This team is made up of the Consortium Principal, five school Head Teachers, five school Curriculum Deputy Head Teachers and five Consortium Vice Principals. Each school site has a sixth form team, made up of an assistant Head of Sixth Form, Higher Education Co-ordinator, an Academic Mentor and Sixth Form Administrator. It is no wonder that achievement and attainment are excellent with so many key members of staff ensuring that all students succeed. Ofsted comment favourably in each school Ofsted report on the effective leadership and management in each of the Consortium schools and the sixth form as a whole.

We anticipate that with such strong achievements, the Southern Consortium Sixth Form will continue to grow.